Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ok it's after Christmas, the paper is out of the floor the kids have just about gotten their stuff to their rooms and yet there is still so much to take down.  The joys of a holidays.
Well My kids managed to enjoy themselves.  We get together for a big family Christmas on Christmas Eve (not many pics to much chaos) we eat in a hurry (cause the kids want to open gifts)and the kids rip at paper and scream and squeal.  {see pic of son in chair}
We don't know who gave them what but they seem happy with their treasures we say a blanket thank you and pack up (Santa is coming you know).  We put out cookies, clean up for Christmas morning and head off to bed ourselves.
Look Santa has come!  Tradition with me since I was about 14 is to bake muffins and make hot chocolate (the warm milk kind) so I still do that in between the LOOK MOM's.  The kids play with what they got from Santa while they wait on my Parents to come and watch.  This year Dardoo was not with us till afternoon so her pile had gotten quite high.
After all this we go to my parents (when we have Dardoo on Christmas afternoon) and yet again open more gifts. Yikes at all the paper!
Ok this won't let me put pics in after I type so I don't know if they will be at the top or bottom but here goes. Well I got one on top and I don't know if it's my computer or something I'm doing wrong but I'm tired of trying to post pics

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