Monday, August 6, 2012


I know... it's been a while.  I was thinking of what to post and work got crazy!!  LOL  I've settled on counting my MANY blessings.

In this crazy thing called life I've been trudging through over the last 3 years a LOT has happened.  My husband wanted a divorce, he cashed out his retirement, he bought a new car, he bought a new house, he didn't want a divorce, found out my child is bordering on having aspergers disorder, ex lost his great paying job, he got a decent job but far away, he lost his mental capacity, he quit his job, I got a job, I lost my house (the one I didn't like).

I feel sure that is not all but it's enough for you to understand why I feel so blessed!  It's not?  Well let me just tell you some of the most recent.
     *     I may be loosing this house I didn't get to help choose but I get a check for      
           moving out of it.
     *     I have our old house to move back into.
     *     I have yet to run out of money!  (No this doesn't mean I have thousands at my    
            disposal)  In fact I rarely have anything worth talking about just sitting in my
            checking account but I have not had to skip a bill yet (well minus the house).
     *     My last minute yard sale brought in exactly the amount of $ I needed to pay the
            bills that were due the next week.
     *     My children are still able to be in there extra curricular activities (not so cheap
            ones at that).
     *     My daughter has received baby sitting jobs towards her horse shows.
     *     I received a check in the mail the night before I had to put gas in my truck that  
            covered me to get some gas the next morning and left me a few dollars for me  
            (did I mention that I had $4.32 in my account when I opened that mail box?).

This is not even close to the extreme blessings I've received over these last few years but these are just a handful that make me bubble with joy that God takes care of me even though my circumstances seem dim.  I pray that I do not take the credit for any of these things.  I hope only to point towards God and his power to bless and give miracles even now in 2012.

With all the Chick-fil-a vs gay rights I really clammed up.  Not because I am ashamed of God or what he does for me but because I did not want to bring shame to him by snapping off.  I do not know how to share my views in a way that would make sense to others.  I figure tonight when I am so happy would be the best time to share.

Tonight I packed up 4 boxes.  It is very bitter sweet.  On one hand they were the hardest boxes to pack emotionally but will by far be the easiest to pack physically.  I know that God will provide and in his time.  Comically to me He doesn't give me much notice so I may very well pack up this entire house think I'm headed to my old house and get the house of my dreams.

If your struggling look to God.  He is the answer and He will provide.
(Sorry no pics for this one)

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