Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GA National Fair

Ok I don't know why but I really haven't been into the whole fair thing. I'm not big on rides and the people who run them (hear anyway) are creepy. Well my husband and of course my kids like the fair, so yesterday with all the kids we went. It was armband day so the kids actually got to ride instead of being told that they had to pick the ones they really wanted to ride (I mean @ 3 and 4 dollars a ride - thats just another blog in itself)

So we go - October in GA well in North GA it was probable nice but in Middle Ga it got up to 90 and we were out in it. We got there at 1 and stayed till a little after 5 the kids rode everything that they wanted to ride (but one). We were all sun burnt AT THE FAIR! We were all tired and then my son had to go play a football game and then they put him on Def were he is not normally and he had to play harder then normal so he was so worn out. I couldn't even go to the game because I just got sick. I though my head was going to fall off my shoulders it hurt so bad and I though I was going to throw up also.

All this to say The Fair and Heat do NOT go together.

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