Wednesday, March 12, 2008


(Sorry no pics right now.  It won't let me upload)

I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my personal blog.  Well I went to California and I had a great time.  The flight out was super smooth, I found everything I needed to find with out any problems and even had a great helper at my final destination.  He was really sweet and made sure that I got where I needed to be.

Once there I met MJ she was great!  We had a wonderful time together.  She and I had a class the first morning together, we were able to get lunch together and hang out since we found out we couldn't shop yet. That evening she was meeting some friends and I decided to head off to Disney.  I couldn't believe I was going to be able to go and do what I wanted to do at a theme park.  I've always been with friends or my kids.  It was great.  I missed some of the rides because they were closing up when I got to them, but other than that I had a blast.  In the end I missed the Indiana Jones ride because after I waited at the Nemo for an hour and a half I had lost all momentum to wait for Indiana Jones.

 MJ was so kind as to hang with me and help me shop for the two days that I shopped (of course she had somethings to do herself and classes but she hung with me some). On the last day I decided not to go back to the CHA floor at all.  Michelle invited me to come with her and her friends to Disney again so I took her up on it.  I used my Disney points so it's not like it was costing me anything.  Well it was super fun and we met a great girl in line and she hung out with us too.  I had to leave around 1:30 to go back and get ready for my evening tour of LA & Hollywood.  I had an interesting time but I wouldn't do it again.  I think everything has moved away from Hollywood so there really wasn't anything there except the stars on the ground and most of the tour I couldn't even take pictures of because we were in a bus.  

Well the flight home was not as smooth as the first.  The flight left late and I missed my overlay in Houston and had to wait an hour.  Some of my luggage made it home and some didn't.  I finally got home around 1 in the morning and was starving.  (I hadn't been able to eat in Houston I was too upset).

Well that concludes the story of my trip.  I'm now in the process of getting all my stock straight so that I can go out of town again.  My Dad offered to take us all to the Grand Canyon.  We of course accepted.  Mom, Dad, Tiff, Cade and I will all be traveling by my Suburban out to the Grand Canyon and back.  Todd and Darian will meet us at the Grand Canyon for a few days and then fly back home.  I'm excited that my kids are going to be able to do this.  I had a good time when I had the opportunity to do it so I  hope this will be a good experience for them also.

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