Monday, October 6, 2008


I have been so busy that I haven't had a moment to update about myself.  I have been having a hard time juggling my business and homeschooling the kids.  I very much enjoy all of these things and feel blessed, but after taking a week off to get the girls rooms redone I couldn't get a moment.  The kids seemed to have lost all structure and capability to perform their school work and I felt like I was so behind that I didn't have time to stop and help them get back on track.  I have found a blog that a friend of mine does Homeschool Forum and she was talking about personality types and that was some helpful and she is taking "requests" right now so I've asked how to balance all the personality types that I'm working with.  I have a structured personality that can only take structure for a small amount of time (part of the reason my house doesn't stay clean).  My son shares this with me but my daughter does not.  She seem to be very needy of her structure. Well there you have the homeschool part of my troubles this last month.  I also had some craziness going on with my internet store and my business blog.  It's funny how one day can calm everything down though.

Yesterday was awesome.  I was able to just sit back and not worry about school or work.  I rested after church and red a book.  It wasn't such a good book but the fact that I was able to lay around was worth it.  This week will be a little crazy as well.  We plan to go to several fun events for school and I have some fun stuff coming up as well.  So here was my minute to catch up!

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