Monday, February 2, 2009


Wow a new year and new month.  Time sure flies when you are working hard.  I took on a part time job with a friend in late October and just finished up at the end of Jan.  As soon as I was done there I high tailed it to California for another year at the CHA.  I love going and viewing all the new scrapbooking products.  I prayed really hard to make good choices and it all seem to work out with little stress.  I can't wait for some of it to start coming in.

My husband could not go this year so I decided to take the kids with me.  The CHA was only locked into Ca until the 2010 CHA.  I didn't figure we would have need to go that far for Disney Land when Disney World is just a half days drive for us.  So lucky for them they were put on a plane.  They really seemed to enjoy it.  It was their first time on a plane and you would have never known it.  They didn't flip out, they sat back and watched the flight pattern on the tv monitor and took turns looking out the window.  Lucky for me 12 hour trips in the car year after year has pruned them for a short 5 hour flight.

My Mom also went with and was the sitter when I had to be in the convention hall.  They seemed to do really good except for them getting tired and I figured that was due to the time change.  We had a blast and took a ton of pictures.  

We also took a day and toured Hollywood and made sure that we put our feet on West Coast Sand

Well until next time!  Happy Scrapp'n

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