Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been scrapp'n

I was introduced to a local group called the Hogs.  Love them! : )  I went to their crop a week or so ago and I've been so inspired since.  I came home and started cleaning my scrap area.  I finished a couple of small projects I found laying on my desk and started some more (I'm a glutten for punishment).  

I homeschool my kids and we had a few Valentine Parties.  I purchased paper mache bags for them to decorate and take to these parties.  Well my daughter is a fellow scrapper but my son is not real interested in crafts.  So the morning of his Valentine Party I was making his "bag".  I used Little Yellow Bicycle's Love Letter Line

I didn't include the page with is name and stuff but you get the idea. (sorry just try to keep my kids private ish)

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