Saturday, May 23, 2009


Go ME! I'm so excited. I have spent the last week and a half cleaning and re-organizing my scrapbooking space. It took a LOT of work. If you had the unpleasure of stopping by during it's bad time you know how bad it was.

In all of this I found that since going digital I have been one of those who forgot to print! Well I got on the old computer, got out the back up cd's and the prints I found while cleaning & sent some 2005 pictures to the printer.

Once I got 2005 squared away I headed to my scrapbooking area. I was so excited to have something to scrap. I didn't realize I had so much printed that I had not scrapped. Why I skipped Oct, Nov, & Dec of 05 I have no idea but I got three pages done tonight and can't wait to get back at it tomorrow. Tiff is coming down with something so we won't be going to church and I'll have till late afternoon before I have a party to attend : )

Wish I could upload pics but I'm having camera issues. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pics with hubby's camera tomorrow.

Hope you scrap something this Memorial Day Weekend. A special thanks to all those who have served, where married to those who served &/or were children of those who served.


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