Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kenny & Miranda ROCK

So I just rolled in from a Kenny Chesney concert where Miranda Lambert was one of the openers. WOW awesome. I love those two. Other than it being a LONG butt drive it was great. It was so hot though. I wasn't thinking about the fact that we would be OUTSIDE the whole time so I like a fool wore jeans.

Oh did I mention that I can't post pics due to the fact that I took my camera out of my purse at dinner and forgot to put it back in! It was in the car and I was not going to walk back up that hill again.

Well hopefully there will be a much more coherent post with pictures soon. My dog has moved out of my lap and given me permission to go to bed now.



Kimmy said...

I'm glad you had fun! I'm not totally into country music, but my 4 year is in love with Taylor Swift LOL.

Kimmy said...

tagged you :)