Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Photo!

Well if nothing else this challenge is making me think about my personal blog a bit!

This photograph I set up for my journal photo a day. Even though it is technically Monday I'm going to use it for Tues. I decided to stay up late and watch a lot of the shows that were on the DVR as I was catching up on laundry. I never truly get hungry at midnight but I am using this super late night snack as my "midnight" snack. I hope that it will reveal to others in this house one day that things get done wether it is seen with their eyes or not.

Well with a little help from a friend I have the journal created and bound for this. Due to Ida I'm unable to get any pics. It is dreary, wet and over cast here today.

Last night was family game night. So a picture of the wii games we often play seemed appropriate. I didn't just want a photo of "a game" so I staged a shot. I moved some photo's around on my tables that houses all the electronics. I angled the wii console a bit and stacked up all the wii games to create a not so everyday shot of the everyday.

Now please understand. I am not a photographer nor do I claim to be one. I've never taken classes and I still don't understand the aperture stuff. I do have a good eye though, and I know what I like. Remember you don't have to fall into what is "Correct". To me there is no more a correct photograph then a correct scrapbooking page. If you like it then it's gold! This is for YOU not for anyone else.

I've made the mistake of uploading some pictures to a photo sharing sight not understanding that it was much more for professional amateurs. I had what I thought was one of the most beautiful photographs I'd ever taken up and someone gave me their 2 cents. So I promptly pulled my photo's from that sight. I wasn't their for comments on my talent though I had hoped for positive feedback. Well all that to say it made me remember who I was doing it for. Do you now that everyone who walks in my house asks me who I had take that picture? That alone is more than I could ever ask for.

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Kimmy said...

they sound like jerks! bump them! for my 12 of 12 project --12 photos on the 12th of every month-- i usually arrange things too. I take shots from the t.v. and then crop it so just the t.v. show image shows.