Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photo A day for November 3rd

LOL I am up way too early : ) I was planning on heading over to my store's blog and working up the newsletter, yet somehow I ended up here!

Ok well since I'm here I thought I would talk a little about my journal and photo a day.

My altered photo journal has a cute story and more than one picture. Around here I get a lot of computer work done in my pj's before I manage to do what others do when they fall out of bed so please ignore how late in the day I'm telling this. I got out of the shower around 11:30 and headed down the hall to get my lunch only to walk right into my photo and journal entry for the day. My daughter had put up her white board on a string hanging from the top of her door with "Werking on School - Pleas Knock" (Her spelling is something we work on and is a product of a bad private school decision - We homeschool now) - TOO FUNNY right? So now my course is to get the camera only to get the the end of the hall and find the dog gate up with a note sticking out of the top of it saying "coution wet floor. Do not enter here". {My son had to mop the floor after a couple of spill in the kitchen} So needless to say I had to take pics of both and saved the note to put in the journal.

Ok so now for my plain photo a day challenge. My grandmother had this wooden bowl that she always made her biscuits in and now I have it. Well I've been trying to cook biscuits like her for 15 years. About 8 years ago it struck me that I have much larger hands than her so my measurements were no where near right. Well long story short I finally made them last night and they turned out. So I thought a picture of the bowl with dough would be great!

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Kimmy said...

do you have a pet bunny?! i want one! congrats on the biscuits, that has to make you feel good.