Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photo a Day

Well my camera and it's card are in my truck so November 5th & 6th are there and to be very honest - I am just to tired to go and get it. Here are my pics for today though.

Ok I have rotated this and saved it and everything! GRR. Well anyway. Today I went to my old church for an event they were having. They had a car show, bouncers for the kids, & a band. It was so great! My husband tied in the car show, by son got to hang with some old friends as did I. So this will be my Photo Journal a day.

This is my photo a day. My husband LOVES to burn out in our drive way with his car! The boys LOVED it but I hate the black marks on the drive (sorry my Dad was insane about our driveway not having oil or ANYTHING on it so it bugs me)

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Kimmy said...

I dated a guy and his mother made everyone park in the road. A huge, EMPTY, long double drive-way and there was 3 or so cars on the side of the road. All b/c of oil spots and such.