Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Scrappers Journey Back To Her Craft!

Well, as you may have notice the last post was QUITE a while ago. I've been a busy little beaver. First the store kept me away from my craft more than I liked and now it seams that my child and her dreams are keeping me away from it. This however is going to be my journey back to what I love.

How I got where I am and how I plan to get out-

First I must say my heart was broken when I took in my dslr and was told that it wasn't worth fixing. It had only worked for 2 years and this angered me beyond description. Not having a camera has really taken a tole on me. I have almost stopped taking pictures in general. It's very sad. I do have a digital that takes very good pics and I still have my film camera but the discouragement really took it's tole on me. I have pulled out my smaller digi camera and my film camera and have in the last month really made a much better effort to take photos. Now I just need to get them to the developer!

I thought I had all the mojo I needed to get on being super women when my husband and I moved. I was going to have an office/scraproom attached to the living-room (enabling me to speak to my family & watch tv with them). I thought this would allow me my evenings to scrap and work on the business and give my days to my kids. Ah until we discovered that the dining room I was going to take was going to actually have to be used for a dining room. The kitchen was to small to hold a table - ah how sad I was.

Well after this disappointment I pulled up my big girl panties and I moved it down the hall, having to share a larger room with the kids tv was going to work. I saw that I wouldn't get as much time in my room as I hoped but it was still going to be mine! Now that I had my mind wrapped around a different location I found the perfect furniture and everything! Ah I can see it all coming together in my mind. Color choice - Black & Hot Pink with a Paris/Hollywood theme.

And then my husband lost his job. What does this have to do with a scrapbooking room? We were only moving across town and taking our time, so now we have gone from casually moving items from the old to the new house we had to get out of the old house and get it sold or rented. For my scraproom it meant that things just began to get dumped in there and currently you can barely walk in it. It is embarrassing to say the least.

So where am I now? Well hubby found a job - It's not ideal as he is living out of town but we will make it. Everything Scrapp'n has closed it's doors and I am figuring out this horse ownership thing. The horses are still taking a lot of my day but I'm beginning to see a pattern.

So how long will it take this scrapper to get back at it? I don't know, follow along with me on my journey and we will find out together.

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