Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Do List Keeping Me Down!

Wow oh WOW. So I sit down to make up a To DO List yesterday because I have been finding myself very scattered. List usually help me to focus. I make out a page worth of things that need doing and I get to work. I set out with the broom to sweep the house. My OCD personality kicked in and I began to move things and really get at it with the broom. Then I decided that I needed to wash dog beds, air them out. Wash rugs and pillows and throws (as if I didn't have enough laundry already!) So hours into just sweeping I realize it's time to go back out and put up the horses for the night.

Of course I didn't just get to put them up, I had to help push a hay bale (HUGE ONE) around under the lean to, we ended up getting fast food for dinner because I'd forgotten to go to the store and get the meat. On the way to get the kids dinner I get a phone call about a delivery I have to make - so we detoured by the house got the product and headed to the meeting place. I made it short as it was COLD! I ran in to look for my old dog a coat and since they didn't have one off we headed. Finally rolling in at 6:45 we finish up what we didn't eat on the drive home and I begin to work more around the house.

I cleaned of the table by my seat in the living room to the tune of an hour or more. This event just ended up making another pile though - on the love seat of bills to be paid tonight then filed (YUCK!) I decided I'd done enough of the productive on my list and made bows for the garland trimming my blinds - AW how beautiful they turned out. I got up and I hung them on each piece of garland and then felt the need to tell all my Facebook friends just how wonderful it was that I'd just save upwards of $20 bucks to decorate my home.

Well that task took well over an house because of course I had to answer emails, reply back to responses on previous comments and read what everyone else had been doing while I had been cleaning and running errands. When I looked up at the clock it was 20 after 10. I'm normally crawling in bed before this time of night. I glanced at my to do list and wanted more accomplished so I plunged ahead.

I finally crawled into bed at midnight last night with just a handful of things to transfer to todays list. I really need to figure out what to let go of but I don't see anything I can drop :( Life -

Can you guess what on that list got ignored? Scrapbooking you might say - but no it cleaning my space. My room is not usable at this time so first things first I must find the time to get in there and make it mine! Well here's to another day in the journey back to my craft. (A clean house is a little closer though).

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