Thursday, July 19, 2012

And another year passes

How exactly does so much time go by?  I really do mean to get better about posting.  My scrappers journey is pretty well at a stand still currently.  So much of my life has turned upside down and my journey has become one of finding myself and retraining myself to be a single working mother.

I guess I decided last night that this blog will not be specific for scrapbooking even though I REALLY want to get back to scrapbooking and sharing.  I want it to be about a strong women and I hope that I can inspire other strong women along the way.

For the last two years I have been attempting to get my weight and body size back.  I had gained 20-30 unwelcomed lbs and I didn't like that number on the scale nor did I like the pants size I was fixing to have to graduate into.  I had done it once before surely I could just melt it off - right?  NOT  I have never struggled so much as I have since I turned 28.  My friends all said "Oh you look fine" but they didn't see the mirror on the way to the shower.  I didn't like where the weight was and how it looked.  
Well I'm going to give a little run down of what I did.  I started walking 2.5 miles every morning with my friend.  Then we would go to the gym and work out for about an hour.  I tried very hard to do 50/50 weight/cardio.  Think that worked?  NOPE!  After a few months and not seeing that scale move one single inch my ex suggested I measure and keep a record, because he could see a difference.  So I did this.  It was SUCH a GREAT idea!  I saw results.  (That scale didn't move for over a YEAR by the way)  I was taking it off half inch by half inch and it was amazing.  I dropped two pants sizes after 7 or 8 months.  

Now I know there are faster ways to get weight off but I'm not a dieter.  If you tell me no that is exactly what I will do.  So I instead counted every single calorie and made sure that each night I went to bed having burned 300-500 more then I ate.  This didn't help me loose weight but it did help me to notice where my waisted calories were coming in.  When you sit down on the couch with those pizza rolls you just had to have for dinner and type them in your tracker and have to run up and down your stairs during every commercial break to have enough space to go to bed your start seeing when you can and can't incorporate junk in your life.  See I'm not telling myself no I'm just telling myself "tonights not a good night".

Well back in late March I had to got back to work and I was SO afraid that I was going to go backwards, there would be no more gym in the afternoon.  Not being able to go to the gym scared me to death.  I just knew I'd blow up bigger then I was.  Well guess what!  Because I'm working I eat all day :)  "Why is that crazy women smiling on her blog about eating to much and sitting behind a desk?"  Well you see - I east small meals or snacks every couple hours.  I'm so full from snacks that I don't need as much lunch either.  See I forgot the last time I melted the weight off I was copy catting the Nutra System Diet.  I made sure I ate small portions every couple hours and did fruit for breakfast, green at lunch and a salad with dinner.  Now I haven't been able to fully incorporate all of this in but the small meals alone were enough to trigger some speedy weight loss.  Now it is my opinion that the more you have to loose the faster if comes off so my rapid may not be yours.  I've lost 10lbs in the 4 months I've been working as compared to the 5lbs I lost the year and a half I was walking and going to the gym.  I also find that my weight doesn't fluctuate as much during the day as it did before.  

Did I mention I'm a huge soda drinker and I have at least 3 a day?  Lol I hope that you find some inspiration in here somewhere.  Be it to keep on keeping on even when the light is so far away, or to keep trying things until you find the one that works for your body or anything else you read between the lines.  Good Luck!  
(I don't know if the pictures really show much since they are by no means the same style photo but I can see also I don't have one handy of me before the decision to get it under control)

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