Friday, October 5, 2007

Figured it out!

Wow I finaly figured out how to do some stuff on this blog thing. Go ME! I'm excited. I can now post stuff! Maybe. Soon I'll like my friends and my stores blog and all that good stuff but I just wanted to say I'M ON.

Ok so today I have sat here and plaid with how to change the dumb name I had first and all that other crazy stuff. I got a picture in my profile and I may look at how to put one with a post! Maybe - Maybe not.

Well for those who don't know me I own a scrapbook store. It became official on Sept 26. It was also my birthday. I have had orders but now I need some more. I know it take time to get my name out there but I'm trying. I'm handing out business cards and getting blogs and telling friends. I plan on making some shirts too. I'm hoping that my kids will wear them - we shall see. I have to find my T-shirt transfer paper.

Ok I've babbled on just about enough so I'm going to go and get ready to take my daughter to a Barrel Racing Exhibition. (She wants to barrel race) Oh and that starts a whole new thing if she gets to do that then my son is going to want to ride bulls UG I'll die early if that happens.

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